Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MUD and, um, FEST

Imagine it has just poured rain for 4 days straight on already-soft turf and sand... What are you picturing? Fields of mud? Large, soupy puddles? Soft sand like wet cement? Sounds like a hell of a cyclocross race!
That was exactly the conditions at the 2011 Nor'Easter CX race on the shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington, VT. The course was so delicate that it changed significantly every lap. By our last lap, the racers were running close to 25% of the entire course. While I thought it was bad at that point, imagine how it must have been three hours (and two races) later, for George and Jesse's race. Wowza!
Check out that pond I just raced through (it made my heart hurt for the Penguin...):
My mud costume in the last lap: Once you're wet, you can't get wetter!
Yeah, so that was fun. But now check out the boys:
(Side note: Ok, George, how the HECK did your left shifter end up outside of the tape and it didn't take you down in the puddle???

Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's get PUMPED up!!

Hi-ohhhh Penguins,

Here we are, on the verge of another riveting cyclocross season! Let's get pumped up so those Flying Penguin jerseys really blur this year... The registration is still open for Green Mountain this weekend!

Really the best way I can think of is to repost Amber's awesome Putney video from the end of last year.

West Hill Cyclocross 2010 from Amber Davis on Vimeo.

Time to get back in the saddle Penguins!!