Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nort-WRECK-hampton Part 2

This is how Penguins fly!

Jesse had an adjective-filled weekend, too. Saturday he had a phenomenal finish.  Sunday he had a bleepin', bleep, de-bleep, bleep wreck that broke bones in his hand.  He wasn't alone.  I could barely take a picture of Jesse during the race without capturing people going down all around him:

Watch out Jesse!

This poor fellah got caught in the tape. Oops.

The precise place Jesse met his demise 2 laps later.

Great season, Jesse - perhaps the FALCON will make an appearance this weekend??? 
Get 'em Jesse!

Now this is determination, folks...


  1. total bummer you broke your wrist Jesse! heal up fast. sounds like we missed an eventful weekend.

  2. Good seeing the penguins at recent races! hope Jesse heals up soon, although he seemed pretty content with a chocolate stout in hand at Windsor . ..good luck with the rest of the season. Cheers!

    Patrick Shank
    Burlington, VT