Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dreaming of the 2012 season

Who is starting to think about the 2012 season!?

Two events to consider that are not part of the typical penguin schedule...

Tough Mudder - Sunday May 6th

this is going to be SUPER AWESOME.  i'm soooo excited.  we have a team started with some folks in town and it already includes 3 penguins (Raina, Deb & John) plus 2 more considering it (Molly & Eric).  any more penguins jumping on board?  (Mark - I think this will be right up your alley!!  are you in?)

24 Hours of Great Glen - Aug 11 & 12

I've wanted to do this the past few years and haven't for various reasons (pregnant, life with babies, etc).  anyone interested?????

Also mark your calendars... to race and/or help.... the Ascutney Hill climbs are the same weekend this year
Saturday July 21 is the bike race
Sunday July 22 is the run

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