Friday, August 24, 2012

They're still Penguins - just on fatter tires!

It was a beautiful, late summer day for the 2012 Millstone Grind mountain bike race.  Although it was rather warm and very different from their natural, arctic habitat, the Penguins, represented by John, Jesse, Eric & the superhuman Marc, decided to come out and test the waters. This was in spite of just wrapping up an epic weekend at the 24 Hours of Great Glen (for which the team also did a stand-up job, considering illness and newbie-ness).

Turns out 24 hours of bike racing does a body good!  Marc took second in his marathon single speed race, as well!!  (John did great, too, by the way - they just didn't have that many rock podiums to stand on. We'll have to speak to them about that for next year.)

Its shaping up to be a good season for the Penguins!


  1. Pregnancy brain lapse! And, of course, Marc represented there, as well, placing second in his single-speed marathon division. What a superman!

  2. great to see everyone out racing after a fairly quiet summer!