Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The true power of a blog

Oooh a Norri two-fer.

For me, blogging is more of a taking-notes-while-it-happens kind of thing. For instance, take the weekend in New Gloucester. More specifically, let's reflect on the Saturday race in which I was rockin' my 1990's era mountain bike in the midst of a Verge race. Despite a jump ahead at the start, I quickly found myself eating the dust of faster racers -- go figure... there's a reason people race cyclocross bikes. I stuck in there, however, for the experience and for the adrenaline kick of racing. I found, though, that my internal dialogue grew monotonous with the chant of "Go faster, Go faster," and ultimately became pointless. So I focused, instead, on narrating the race like I was writing a blog. MUCH more entertaining, let me tell you.

Some highlights:
- What's the most gracious way to be passed by a 12-year old?
- Brakes are for pansies.
- Braking downhill is like slapping God in the face. Take the gift and go with it.
- Topic: Tights. Pros: warm legs. Cons: hooking yourself on your saddle every dismount AND muffin top (you know what I'm talkin bout, ladies).
- I wonder if it'd be faster if I actually ran the whole course?

So next time you find yourself in the painful throes of the bottom 50%, spice up that internal chant ("Stay on that wheel. Stay on that wheel. Stay on that wheel.") with some blog-style humor. Believe me - you'll have a better outlook on your situation and ultimately more confidence for that final straight-away sprint.


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